Man with a million moves

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Yesterday I had the privilege of dancing with non other than UK salsa king Super Mario. Even though I have been dancing for almost 3 years now, I’m not really into or familiar with the salsa celebrity/champions scene (I’m not really bothered) . I have done lessons with alot of them though including Leon Rose, Susana Montero, Iris De-Brito, Raphael and Janet, Nunno and Vanda – thanks to the guys in Dubai who take the trouble to fly these guys down for workshops. Doing workshops is one thing, and dancing with the workshop teachers is another. My confidence has always been shot point blank on dancing with these hot shots. Even when I went to Cuba last year – they are so damn good you just want to bury yourself .
However, Super Mario was a different story. I think his workshop was the best I can remember.

And when I danced with him – his lead was the smoothest possible, it was all his technique. I was doing all these shockingly complicated moves with such ease. Was like magic! And to top it all, he was a nice guy. No airs, very approachable.

And, what do you know – he is Indian! An accountant from Madras. How cool.

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