Blast from the past?

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Web Sites Let Users Send E-Mail to Future:

“NEW YORK – In the year 2009, on the 25th of April, a man named Greg is supposed to get an e-mail. The e-mail will remind Greg that he is his best friend and worst enemy, that he once dated a woman named Michelle, and that he planned to major in computer science. “

Isn’t this as good as keeping a diary and opening it 10 years later? Why do I need to send an email to myself ?

However, this would be good for sweet revenge. To send to people you think do not deserve to forget what jerks they have been. Like: ” You sorry sonofabitch I can’t believe you were capable of treating my sister like a doormat! ” Odds are you probably wont be in their lives when they get this – but this future message would be an unexpected (so effective) blast from the past. OR if you want to confess/admit to something you NEVER would otherwise: “I have always wanted to have your children!” by the time the person gets this, you would probably be married with kids or in a land far far away so you would’nt die with embarrasament should you ever bump into that person!

Ok, silly. I might just do this so I can update my blog 10 years down the line with first hand experience of my ‘time capsule’.

It seems like such a simple concept though. Birthday reminders have used this technologyfor ages! doesnt take much to make the news these days does it.

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