Bangalore to Bengaluru!??

All the best to my friends from the town of boiled beans.

From BBC:

Bangalore accounts for a third of India’s software and outsourcing exports, is India’s hi-tech capital and it may soon get a new name that is a variation of the original, meaning “the town of boiled beans. “


  1. LOL…

    Many Irish place names were anglicised by the English colonisers in an effort to pronounce them phonetically…

    Knock …not an invitation to announce your presence but meaning hill, from the Irish ‘cnoc’.

    Inch …May or may not be a small place, however the name comes from the Irish ‘Inis’ meaning Island.

    Camp …A town of boy scouts perhaps, or a haven for the flamboyantly gay? Sadly no, it derives from the Irish ‘An Com’ meaning the hollow.

    Swords …Nothing at all to do with duelling at dawn, the name is from ‘sord’ meaning ‘well’, so presumably there was one here once.

    Ovens …Though it may well be home to many cooks, the name comes from ‘Uamhanna’ (mh is pronouced v in Irish) meaning caves.

    Effin …The name comes from the saint who founded the local church, ‘Eimhin’, or Evin.

    Muff …Not a furry hand warmer nor indeed a …. well, never mind, it is in fact a mispronunciation of the Irish ‘magh’, meaning plain.

    Kill …Not an invitation to murder, but a church (Chill) or wood (Coill).

    The one I like best is: Hackballscross… It sounds awful and it was. This was the location where a group of men variously described as rebels or thieves were hung and gibbeted following an attack on a local landowners house…I wouldn’t even try to translate that into’d be too painful!

  2. Mise: Gosh. I don’t blame the English, especially after reading the original Irish names! 🙂

    100hands: I’ve always wanted to visit Bangalore, never got the chance. 🙁

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