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A bunch of us salseros went to support salsero-turn-tango dancers at Dubai’s first ever tango gala dinner. A black tie event, kisses in the air, over 20 performances, good food and wine; was quite the la-di-daa affair 🙂 but all in all, good fun. After watching pro’s seduce the audience with their ever so intense movements for atleast an hour, I kinda started feeling a bit intense myself.
Tango is an extremely passionate and intimate dance. A form of movement where you can see the woman completely giving in to the man. Its almost a portrayal of the ultimate depth of passion coupled with surrender and respect at the same time. And while the woman most definitly steals the show with her oh so sensual moves, the man stands rigid and strong – completely focusing on the woman, as if she was the only woman in the universe – and she was his. Was quite impressive.

All a bit too serious for me though. I mean, even a smirk on the tango dancers did’nt seem right, let alone a smile. I also had difficulty listening to the music. Was a bit like jazz. No beginning, no end and no rhythm.

I did have the previlege of dancing with the Columbian tango champion though, a few days ago when he came to a salsa party – I did’nt know who he was at the time. And I really enjoyed dancing with him. I remember thinking, hmm very strong and close hold lead with hardly any turns; now I know why!

I think I’m going to stick to salsa. It’s way too much fun and I’m not sure I could keep a straight face on the dance floor!

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  1. Marianne Avatar

    I dance both, actually looking for a place to dance in Dubai both!!, do you know any, if so pls note me.
    I totally agree with your comments. However tango is not as seductive as it might seem, just a dance like salsa, which also for many outsidere seem seductive. In tango you need to totally give in to your leader, else the dance won’t work, but it isn’t more sensual or seductive that any other dances. But it is intense, and a great kick. If you ever get the chance again, give it a try. In the meanwhile pls. tell me about dancing in Dubai

  2. Abha Avatar

    Hi Marianne! Yes maybe i will.
    Dubai has a rocking salsa scene.
    If I was in Dubai I would have given you my number -!
    Saturday night everyone dances at Scarletts Emirates Towers, some Weds at Sevilles in Wafi, Tuesdays at Savage Garden in capital hotel
    You can get to get in touch with:

    Jimmy: info@desertbeat.com, http://www.desertbeat.com (see the salsa link)
    or Phil: http://www.salsanight.com

    Happy dancing!

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