Staying secret

Do you have a secret blog? or site?. If so why?
Is it because you are more comfortable voicing your opinion when people do not know who you are? Or because you have some dirty desires you want to express anonymously? šŸ™‚ Is it an adrenalin rush to be a mystery or moonlight?

Or you live in Dubai and are worried that what you have written might be monitored, and then you might land up in jail. I was talking about this to someone and he said he would’nt be surprised if the the UAE blogging community has been infiltrated by the CID so that Dubai authorities can keep a tab on what people are saying and doing in Dubai.

Moryarti, any thoughts? šŸ™‚


  1. for me its the comfort of people seeing/knowing me without pre-judging me based on what country i am from, what I wear, what mobile phone I carry, what car I drive or where I live… etc

    By using an alias, people only see who i am; free of any preset perceptions or presumptions…

    a material-and-stigma-free world šŸ™‚

  2. Gosh.Hmmm. I have started to wish I used an alias – one that only certain people would know me as. A bit like you actually. Because I have started to feel, since people know who I am, I need to be careful what I write about and who I write about.

  3. Abha, I stumbled across your blog yesterday and started reading ur stuff slowly.. awesomeness indeed

    with regard to your question on this blog, i maintain anonymity even when posting comments.. don’t know y.. not that i m a celebrity or have huge blogs but i somehow prefer this.

    eg. (link below) this gal blogs a lot, and also funny and smart like yours, but maintains anonymity for multiple reasons and i respect her privacy…
    it would be nice to find out who it is, but to me her ideas matter more especially when it comes to blogging.. no?

    i guess you can be brutally honest and say what’s on your mind even if its controversial when you are anonymous

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