And realisation dawns

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You know how sometimes you are asked a very generic yet simple question, usually personal – like ‘whats your favourite colour’ or ‘which is your favourite place in the world’?.. to which you think there really is no one answer for you; and then all of a sudden the day comes and you know 100% what the answer is …and yes there is only one answer?

Well today I got my definite, 100% answer to a very commonly asked question “what is your favourite food?” ITS THAI.

Until today, I would say..’ahh I like all sorts of food..Thai, Italian, Chinese, Ethiopian, Indian, English, Moroccan etc etc..’ because I do! – BUT I now realise my favourite food is Thai.

How did I come to that conclusion you may ask. Well, this week, I have eaten Thai all week and savoured every bite of my meals. Today I realised I could eat Thai every day. Its healthy, light, spicy and soooo utterly delicious. And when cooked properly – if you close your eyes while eating, just the smell of it can take you back to the streets of Bankok or Phi Phi island. *sigh*

Maybe my mind is getting clearer because I have resumed meditating. Maybe I’ve just been too hungry, maybe I need to go back to Thailand- OR maybe I just need a holiday.

On a more serious note: strange how knowing something so silly about yourself with 100% clarity can make you feel so good. (?) Maybe I am beginning to see things as they really are.


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