Abu Dhabi Latin Festival

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We all went to the Abu Dhabi Latin Festival last night and boy did it rock. 4000 people and over 30 musicians from the Latin American bands Raza Latina and Conjunto Massali played some great salsa, cha-cha and merengue tunes till the wee hours of the morning. This year they even had a dance floor! (it had slipped their mind last year)

We danced and danced and most of us girls cut our feet on the very rough and uneven dancefloor – but hey, who cares! There were alot of us salseras/salseros there, however there were alot of random people there, who were definitly enjoying the latin beats – but didnt realise that they could get off the dance floor if they just wanted to stand and watch. There is nothing more annoying than having to dance between people standing still, refusing to budge. You would have thought after being hit a few times by the dancers they would move out of the way. But no. So here we were ignoring the pain of our blistered feet and there were others ignoring the pain of getting whacked. Twas very amusing to say the least.

Oh and there were also those who would be walking up and down the dancefloor as if it was a walkathon, and those who would want to take a picture with their entire joint family in the centre of the dance floor.
Please note, I am not complaining (I had too good a time to complain), just sharing an observation on which I hope some non-dancers can enlighten me.

Anyway, all in all it was a night of great energy. It was super to get to dance to such great bands under the stars, took us away from everything for those few hours. Always wondered why Dubai doesn’t have these sort of nights.

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  1. moryarti Avatar

    Hi Abha ..

    I saw the ads for the event on Showtime and i really wanted to go. i think it clashed with another thing i was doing.

    I used to take salsa classes about 4 or 5 years ago with Phil .. i am sure you know him. I made it to intermediate levels (yaay). But i stopped all of a sudden, new job, marriage, moving houses, traffic .. doing the DUBAI thing basically.

    It was great back then, fewer men than ladies was always a good thing for me 😉

    I am not sure how the Dubai salsa scene is like right now, but i hear everyone is doing it now.

    And thank you for the link on your blog .. very kind of you.

  2. Abha Avatar

    Hey you visited my blog 🙂

    I dont know how the salsa scene was 4-5 years ago (i’ve only been in it for 3yrs ), but I have to say it is very much happening with over 200 regular salseros and over 3000 registered members.

    We have a beach festival coming up on Dec 16 – maybe you should bring your wife along and hit the dance floor again!

    Otherwise we dance regularly at Savage Garden on Tuesdays, Scarletts on Saturdays and Sevilles every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays (incase you are interested to get back into things 🙂

  3. moryarti Avatar

    I did visit your blog before –

    I know an ABHA who works in PR and likes salsa … I was just wondering if you were the same person 🙂

    regardless to that, i enjoyed going through your posts, they are very personal and relaxing to read.

  4. शक्ती Avatar

    ok now i get why you asked who moryarti is!

  5. moryarti Avatar

    this is gonna be fun 🙂

  6. Abha Avatar

    Its not fair that you know me but I don’t know who you are!

    + you called me a good friend on your blog! (??)

    You can’t be half anonymous. Either you are, or you arent :)))

  7. moryarti Avatar

    ok here is a clue that you ARE a good friend ..

    When you leave your casa in the morning
    Don’t just drive off your coupe
    You better give it some engine warming

    You reach the building of rainbow colors,
    Driving is a pain
    Too much sand
    Too many parking nutters

    As you hit the office on the first floor, you immediately get down to your first chore..

    Read papers,
    Scan magazines,
    And sip on the Ritazza latte that you adore..

    I hope after reading this
    You can get the tiniest idea
    On who the hell this moryarti person is 🙂

  8. Abha Avatar

    Ahah I know who you areee :))))
    What a pleasant surprise.

    Your poetry sux by the way 🙂

  9. moryarti Avatar

    Oh yeah right …then how come when i saw you yesterday you didn’t mention it … 😉

    And btw, that was not poetry – that was RAP! Wurd up!

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