Trick or Treat?

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Yesterday while I was in traffic (bored and bored), I sent a few people an sms saying ‘Trick or Treat”? Immediatley I started getting responses, so I landed up sending it to almost 25 people I know, around the world.

A few said ‘Treat’ and a few said ‘Trick,’ some said BOTH!, God alone knows what they expected I’d do in return through the phone!? Some decided to share life changing news with me in reponse: “I’ve had a baby”, “I’m engaged “…(!) and one of my friends said she’d kick my ass if I didnt pass by her house for Diwali (?). Then there were the philosophical types ” a good trick can be a good treat” and “no tricks when I treat you..(?)”.
Also, a few phone calls were immediate, as if they were thinking “oh my gosh what is she asking us? lets call!” and then a few decided to ask me if I was knocking on any doors that night. *sigh*..all in all a very entertaining dimension to trick- or-treat-ing on my halloween evening.

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