Its the Mars effect

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The last few days have been a set of small disasters, not significant to anything or anyone around – but to me. Thursday night I had a flat tyre on the way to dinner, then my foot got stuck in the contruction outside the place I was going for dinner. Was late by an hour. I love Fondue, but our dinner that night was oil cooked in Fondue, rather than the other way around.
Friday I slept all day, fought with my dad and my brother. Saturday, damage control day for clients, 6 phone calls managing moods – the most I’ve had for a while. Then! I went shopping. Came home, tried on my new shirt – ripped off the label that caused a huge hole in the back of my new shirt. The base of my heel came off as I left home, and the friend I was supposed to meet cancelled when I was on my way to see him. Later, to cheer myself up I went dancing and my shoes decided to scrape off the skin on my feet, leaving me having to limp home. *sigh*.

To say thats not all, I burnt my skirt this morning as I was ironing it for work. I’m blaming it on Mars. Considering my last few days I am surprisingly calm though. Must be my meditation that I’m trying to keep up with. Must be that dance I had before my feet gave way. OR MAYBE I have the ‘anti-Mars’ strength or something (!?). Don’t know.

Anyway, coming to the point šŸ™‚ Am not a staunch believer in astrology, I do enjoy reading my stars every morning though. So when this whole hoo haa of Mars coming so close to the earth began, my curiousity to its effect on the Earth began. Not really finding anything concrete (as it always is with astrology) I did find this article that kind of put to bed what I wanted to know.

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