Karva Choke?

Although not religious or ‘ritually’ traditional, I do respect Hindu culture and am very much an Indian by heart. However, I do not see myself ever doing Karva Chauth. By fasting all day and only eating when the moon comes up, I don’t see how my marriage (if I ever do get married) would be any stronger or longer. Maybe it’s our love of legends and our strong faith in the divine, but I always find it amazing how such educated Indians still fall for such superstitions.


  1. Hi Abha, I feel my message yesterday didn’t come through…basically said it’s great stuff you’re doing here & That I lost your contact details…mail me!!


  2. Hi,

    Just came across your blog on
    Karva Chauth. You mention how it is superstition.. and Iam starting to learn that many Indian traditions are based around superstition I guess that is what carrys these traditions on..

  3. hey abs,isn’t it about determination, concentration, and (the universally lacking) human trait of being able to control yourself? Thought these were the underlying factors and the rest – simply populist excuses just as in the case of many other rituals…

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