‘Green’ to survive?

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I was sent to the airport yesterday by client, to pick up an entry to a programme we run. A rep from this NGO flew all the way from Bahrain to Dubai – just to deliver an application form so that the NGO would meet the application deadline and be considered for a fund. The rep even brought traditional Bahraini sweets for us. Its been a while since I have met someone so earnest about his volunteer efforts to save the environment.

Feeling slightly sorry for the guy I offered to give him a ride into the city (so he could do something in the two hours he had before his flight back) – and to my horror, he spoke to me about his interests in starting a business in Dubai coz this is where all the money is!
I was speechless! 5 minutes ago I was thrown aback by his will to save the earth, I could’nt possible have a conversation with him on how to make money!

On second thoughts, I guess everyone needs some green to survive. So do people throw themselves into non-profit earth saving work just to get recognized, and ultimately own a money making enterprize? I truly, truly hope not.

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