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I spent an hour in Virgin megastore today, (probably because I was thrilled with their new ‘ scan any CD you want to listen to’ machine – its soo awesome!) and I walked out with Nitin Sawhney’s latest album ‘Philtre’. Indian name, funky Indian, Western, Spanish fusion – sounded great on ‘the machine’. So bought it and felt really cool for buying something uncommon to my collection.
But on listening to it again at home, I could’nt quite understand why I bought it. It has alot of Hindi in it, which is kinda cool because its my language – but in his Rag Doll number -not quite sure what the woman is going on about. Anyway..!
So I decided to run a search on this ‘Philtre’ business. Yes I know it sounds like a bad word but apparently it means -“a drink credited with magical power that can make the one who takes it love the one who gave it”. With this new piece of knowledge after which the album is named, I guess if I listen to it again – it will be in a different light. Don’t get me wrong, its not bad music, its just very mystical and mixed quite haphazardly…perhaps its an ‘acquired taste’. Ask me in a month.

I also bought Tracy Chapman’s new album ‘Where you live’ – absolutely fantastic; a must buy. Typically Chapman with her super voice, opinion inflicting, meaningful lyrics played on some great guitar.

And..dont ask me why but I also bought Lifehouse’s new album. Review on that when I’ve heard it šŸ™‚

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