This isn’t for anyone who has aced their GMAT.
What was the maker of this test thinking when his devious little mind came up with it.
My particular annoyances are with 3 categories -1) critical reasoning: Which of the following statements if true, best support the parenthesis of the above statement in light of its conclusive evidence. HUH? 2) Sentence correction: 1 sentence written in 5 different ways – ALL ARE CORRECT, but which is the most correct one, and 3) data sufficiency: dont solve the problem …just tell us if you think there is enough data provided to answer this question. Sigh. Maybe there is some serious unfathomable psychological testing ability behind these questions, maybe I just feel like ranting because I could’nt quite hit the jackpot on these sections. I hate doing tests that make you feel thick and good for nothing. Have’nt done a practice test yet; perhaps I need to do that diagnostic test so the level of my brain’s depreciation can be ‘diagnosed’.

Anyway, its only day 2 of studying, guess I would’nt get many points on level of tolerance ay.


  1. Haha everyone wants an MBA…I wonder if the degree will ever ‘depreciate’ because there will be way too many MBAs out there…

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