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Always wanting to say something meaningful, share my opinion and well atleast feel like I’m being heard, comes the sudden urge to get this blog up and running. Call it a bit desperate but its almost 4am and I have no replies to my emails. So dear friends, Romans and countrymen, emails are now history as I begin my blog. It is such a liberating feeling to know that you can now post your thoughts in any shape or form, and somebody might just read them! and more importantly not press charges 🙂

Anyway since this is my first posting on my very own space in the much buzzing blogosphere, I am going to say hola and that my attempt to begin my blog with earth shattering opinion has failed. Having created a blog could’nt go to bed having just selected a template hence this nonsense. If it was’nt 4am I would’nt be scavenging for thoughts.

Yes, it would be a good time to exit gracefully while I still can.

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